Comprehensive digital product development by skilled engineering teams, always at technology's forefront.
We listen, design, develop, and refine iteratively.

Construct and hire engineering teams which will work in tandem with your internal staff.

Facing tech talent shortage? 

Looking for flexibility in scaling up or down the workforce?

Struggling with the internal software development process? 

Looking to increase competences inside your organization?

Considering 3rd party provider but want to keep process internal?

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Identify, envision and solve real life challenges by defining and designing digital products.

Facing a business challenge and want to discuss if it can be addressed with a digital solution?

Seeking for someone to help to define and design digital product for specific business cases?

Looking to design new or redesign existing digital product?

Willing to build a digital solution but don’t know how to start?

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Build reliable and intuitive software along with dedicated team delivering within an Agile process.

Looking for a professional software development team?

In need of extending software product, but lack expertise or workforce?

Seeking for long term partnership?

Willing to develop a defined and designed digital product idea?

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Solve hiccups impacting the internal development process by confronting our top skilled professionals.

Facing development process bottlenecks and in need for guidance or answers on how to improve?

Seeking for objective evaluation of internal process or software quality?

Struggling to set up an efficient CI/CD and looking for directions?

Endeavoring solution architecture and in need for external review or help?

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To support a full digital product development cycle we also offer an overall approach which combines the above aspects and extends them with the following:

full CI/CD process

DevOps services

extended QA process

platform development


Looking for a predictable and transparent development process which drives tangible results?

Hook up with our top notch dedicated teams to build reliable and intuitive software within a proven Agile process. Let us share our experience with you especially in area of:

web development

mobile development

api development

platform development

cloud development

What is Software Development?

It is the process of architecting, coding & testing a piece of software in order to address a certain business case and provide meaningful value to it. One of the leading approaches is Agile which means iterative process, working closely with stakeholders and delivering final outcome in an incremental fashion allowing for periodic direction adjustments.

If you are tasked to build a reliable piece of software but:

you do not have experience in the field or lack software development teams internally in your organization;

you do not have time or do not want to take a risk of building a new team from scratch;

your teams are engaged with core functionality while the task is a side thing and you want to avoid distractions for them;

your personnel lack experience and familiarity with a specific technology or domain;

your team is maxed out and and you struggle to hire new talents.

Why use Software Development services?

With which technologies we work?


Challenged to define and design digital product to address specific business cases?

Acquire an ally who will guide you through the path to turn vision into a feasible digital product. Let our designers and experienced product architects help you with:

business cases analysis

solution envisioning and scoping

product ux & ui design

defining of tech and non-tech requirements

continuous product management


System & Design Thinking

Customer Driven


Iterative & Incremental Design

What is Digital Product Design?

If you are facing a business challenge or have an idea how to solve one and want to build a digital product or consider improving existing one but not sure how to tackle it or want to confront your approach with an external party.

Good design elevates business growth by shifting user needs into desired state and value of product demand.

It is a process of identifying business cases and chances discovery. Followed by defining goals, expectations and features to address those. Succeeded by preparing visual design and scoping of solution in order to accurately and comprehensively describe the digital product that is needed and supposed to be developed.

Why use Digital Product Design services?

With which methods we apply through?

With which tools we rely on?


Can’t fill the IT talent gap and don’t want to rely on external processes?

Construct and hire engineering teams which will work in tandem or mixed with your internal staff. Increase deliverability, strengthen competences and augment good practices around the software development process. Let us help you by providing means and introducing additional resources.

What is Digital Team Enhancement?

It is an outsourcing strategy of internal team extension. You evaluate the skill of your in-house team and add a lacking skill set by hiring an external team. Short term outcome is an increased pace of development. Long term you shall expect increased efficiency and better flexibility throughout the organization.  

If you struggle to hire developers you need, scale up your team, can’t afford in-house developers locally, don’t want to take long term risks or motivate large teams. Yet you want or need to keep the whole process inside your organization.

Why use Digital Team Enhancement services?

With which technologies we work?


Facing development process bottlenecks? Struggling with efficiency?

As a collective of digital professionals with broad experience and know-how, we feel confident to provide meaningful advice and guidance on any step of digital solutions creation. Let us give you a hand with:

development process review

source code & solution audit

software & system architecture planning

problem analysis and approach suggestions

continuous integration and deployment setup

What is Digital Consulting?

It is a professional service which provides expert advice in the area of digital solution development.  

If you want to collect or hear independent strategic perspectives on challenges you are facing. If you are looking for suggestions on what to change to improve pace and stability of the process. If you struggle to implement solutions for leveling up of your digital product.  

Why use Digital Consulting services?


What do I need to know before I contact you?

There is no need for any special preparations as we will guide you to provide necessary information during the initial discovery meeting.

What is the minimum budget and project size you are willing to work with?
  • 1 000 USD - when it comes to Digital Consulting services. 

  • 5 000 USD - when it comes to Digital Product Development services.

  • 25 000 USD - in the case of Software Development services.

  • 50 000 USD - in the case of Digital Team Enhancement services.

How do we start?

A discovery call where we introduce ourselves and talk through the topic in order to identify the challenge.

What will happen after first contact?
  • We learn about your organization background and further analyze the needs. In case of bigger challenges we also often suggest further conversations until we get an established understanding of what needs to be done.

  • Next we advise on the initial type of the service(s) and engagement model along with a commercial offer.

  • Straightforward tasks are then addressed directly, while more Complex topics are usually kicked-off with a limited scope pilot phase or workshop - so both sides can gain confidence on their decisions at less risky stakes.

Should I be familiar with the technical details to work with you?

No, it's not required. We provide comprehensive services therefore we can work both with technical and non technical clients.

What information do you need from me to start work?

We will guide you to provide necessary information during the initial discovery meeting and if needed follow ups.

How do you assure privacy and confidentiality?
  • If required we sign NDA agreement with potential Customer.

  • All of our employees and subcontractors are following our information security policy and as a part of it have signed an NDA with us.

Will you sign an NDA?

Yes we will. It's a typical scenario in case you pass us any sensitive information (or vice versa).

How long do I need to wait before the work on my project starts?
  • In case of Digital Consulting or Digital Product Design - typically it takes 1 to 2 weeks from signed agreement.

  • In case of Software Development or Digital Team Enhancement - typically it takes 4 to 6 weeks from signed agreement.

Which payment models do you prefer?
  • In case of Software Development or Digital Team Enhancement - T&M along with given size (FTE) commitment of utilization over a given period of time. I.e. 3 FTE over 6 months.

  • In case of Digital Consulting or Digital Product Design - T&M along with agreed max cap budget.

How do you guarantee product quality?
  • We follow a proven agile process which focuses on delivering business value. We start with thorough analysis of project technical and non technical requirements, integrations, we look for project risk and find ways to mitigate them during the project.

  • Our teams have 5+ years of commercial experience on average.

  • We use proven technology: Java + Spring, Angular and Ionic.

  • We have an internal technical oversight process applied across the teams so we keep many things unified and improve them iteratively.

I do have a product idea and would like to verify it. Would you you help me?

If the product idea is software related then we should be able to help out. The best way to find out is to start a conversation.

Do you provide product maintenance services after the app development is complete?

Yes, under a comprehensive digital solution we do provide support & maintenance. Meaning if we’ve helped you out with software development (either by developing a full solution or its parts) we are happy to also take responsibility for maintenance. We do not however offer maintenance and support as a standalone service.

Do you provide Quality Assurance or Technical Support services on their own?

No, we do not provide such as standalone services, but only as a supplement of other offered services.



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